Alliance Marketing

Alliance Marketing drives marketing alignment and engagement with Pega's Global Alliance Partners to generate demand for Pega strategic applications and to help grow partners’ Pega practices. There are two key strategies.

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Alliance Marketing programs follow either of two strategies to help generate demand or help grow partners’ Pega practices:

1.          Joint Marketing programs ​amplify individual impact and help to generate demand for Pega and partners. Marketing engagement, programs, and content are aligned with alliance strategy.  Marketing programs are either Pega-led or partner-led. 

2.          Partner Communications programs accelerate joint results through Pega-led communications and awareness activities for internal partner audiences. The goal is to help partners grow their Pega technology services practices by communicating Pega’s company, product, and industry vertical strategies and differentiators.  


The Branding and Marketing Handbook for Pega Partners describes Pega’s logo, messaging, brand and legal requirements, along with guidelines and available choices to gain visibility and go-to-market traction for your Pega technology services practice. To download Pega logos, please click here.


Joint Marketing

Many joint marketing opportunities are available to augment individual results. Marketing activities can be in conjunction with core Pega-led marketing activities such as PegaWorld and other corporate events or partner-led activities that help fuel partners’ Pega practices. Global partners at the highest tiers may be invited to participate in joint alliance marketing planning. Example joint marketing programs are listed below

All external marketing activity and content created by partners that  mentions Pega, Pega solutions, or Pega product capabilities must be pre-approved by Pega. For services partners, this requirement is included in your Master Alliance Agreement. 

Please refer to the Brand and Marketing Handbook for Pega Partners, which you may access here.

Press Releases

Pega is happy to consider support for a press release on becoming a Pega partner, customer wins and successes, new products related to our partnership, and other similar news.

Marketing Communications Content

Pega and partners each engage in marketing communications activities to further individual impact in the market. Pega provides you with approved Pega text on how to describe Pega that can be worked into your marketing materials. 

See current text at .

Demand Generation

We can collaborate on the following demand generation activities, whether partner-led or Pega led:

·       Face-to-Face Events

·       Webinars

·       Email Marketing

·       Digital Marketing

·       Social Media and Paid Media

Digital Initiative

Information about Pega on your public website and information about your company on must be current and Pega-brand compliant.

Please contact to modify content. 



Remember that all content mentioning Pega must be submitted to for review and approval prior to going live.​


Partner Communications

Pega provides various forms of partner communications to help you keep current with our company direction.  To ensure that key contacts in your organization receive email communications, or to update key contacts, please email  

Pega Global Alliances Newsletter

This is a quarterly email covering industry highlights, analyst and media coverage, sales and technical enablement, vertical information, and global events. 

Pega Global Alliances Newsflash

This is an ad hoc email communication to quickly inform partners of important new information.