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Use the Pega 7 Platform to build applications that enable you to respond faster to the needs of your customers. The Pega 7 Platform provides an enhanced developer experience and improved performance, enabling you to develop world-class applications that can help drive customer satisfaction.

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Pega Platform Foundation (7.2)
Build your application

You can use Pega Express to build applications quickly. Pega Express exposes key elements and features of the Pega 7 Platform in an accelerated environment. Pega Express showcases stage-based case management, the ability to edit your designs as you build and run your application, and tools to preview your user interface on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Creating an application with the New Application wizard

Get your application up and running with Pega Express

Adding a case type to your application

Defining a life cycle for a case type

Building a form

Configuring a review screen

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Enhance your application

You can enhance your application to provide more automation, and simplify manual and complex operations within processes and cases. In addition, you can configure your application to meet security requirements, create a Pega mobile app that helps mobile users be as efficient in the field as they are in the office, and analyze historical and real-time data to predict and respond more effectively to the needs of your customers.

Adding a smart shape to a flow

Adding fields to your data model

Defining a data model for REST integration

Decision Management

Pega Mobility

Robotic Desktop Automation

Robotic Process Automation


User Interface

Test your application during development

Before making your application available to customers and end users, ensure that your application meets your requirements for functionality, availability, and scalability. You can test your application throughout the development cycle.

Creating a test ruleset

PegaUnit testing

Automated unit testing of data pages

Pega 7.2.1 Update: What's New in Test Automation

Use DevOps practices and deploy your application

Use DevOps practices, such as continuous integration and continuous delivery, to efficiently move application changes from development through testing to deployment on your production system.

DevOps with the Pega 7 Platform

Using prpcServiceUtils and Jenkins for automated application deployment

Deployment Guides

Upgrade your existing system

You can upgrade your existing systems to take advantage of the benefits and key features of the latest version of the Pega 7 Platform. Learn about managing and applying changes to your existing systems, and upgrading your applications to leverage improved features.

Pega 7: Why upgrade?

Pega 7 Platform Upgrade Guide (Pega 7.2.2)

Autonomic Event Services (AES) Installation and Upgrade Guide, Version 7.2