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For a basic understanding of PegaRULES Process Commander and the Designer Studio, review the following categories for getting started content, overviews and a complete article index by topic.

Planning a Project

[icon] Implementation Methodology & DCO

  • Implementation Methodology & DCO Article Index

[icon] Testing Applications

  •  Testing Applications Article Index


Building an Application

[icon] Using the Designer Studio

  • Designer Studio Article Index


Applying Process

[icon] Case Management

  • Case Management Article Index

[icon] Process Basics

  • Process Basics Article Index


Enforcing Business Logic

[icon] Correspondence

  • Correspondence Article Index

[icon] Declaratives/ Decisions & Validation

  • Declaratives/ Decisions & Validation Article Index


Applying Programmatic Logic

[icon] Activities & Java Basics

  • Activities & Java Basics Article Index


Creating the Interface

[icon] User Interface Basics

  • User Interface Basics Article Index


Managing Data and Reports

[icon] Data Structures

  • Data Structures Article Index

[icon] Reporting

  • Reporting Article Index


Establish Application Operations

[icon] Deployment

  • Deployment Article Index

[icon] Reuse and Version Management

  • Reuse and Version Management Article Index

[icon] Performance

  • Performance Article Index

[icon]System Operations

  •  System Operations Article Index


Integrating Systems and Environments

[icon] Security

  • Security Article Index

[icon] Integration

  • Integration Article Index

[icon] PegaRULES database

  • PegaRULES Database Article Index