Customer Decision Hub 7.3.1

Customer Decision Hub is a Pega solution that combines data management, decision management, and advanced analytics across multiple channels. This solution is available in the cloud or on-premises. Customer Decision Hub is fully integrated with Pega Platform and can utilize many of its features. You can use Pega Platform to build your own decision-making hub that quickly and accurately provides the most relevant value-added decisions.

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Predictive analytics

Incorporate predictive analytics and decisions into every process and every interaction with your customers. Discover repeatable patterns in your data and use this insight to improve your business decisions. 

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Adaptive analytics

Adaptive analytics enhances the decision-making with adaptive decision models that adjust to every customer response. You can build such models on the Pega 7 Platform and apply them in real time to predict the relevance of your propositions to your customers and how likely they are to accept such offers.  

Adaptive analytics overview

Text analytics

Analyze the text that is posted on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. These social media platforms contain various types of unstructured data in the form of status messages, posts, or comments. Apply structure to this text data and analyze it to derive business information that helps you deliver better services to customers.

Text analytics overview

Big data

Manage high-volume and complex data that is stored in external platforms, for example, in Apache Hadoop. You can create data set rules that integrate big data sources with the Pega 7 Platform.

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Data flows

Build scalable and resilient data pipelines that you can use to ingest, process, and move data from one or more sources to one or more destinations. Enrich data processing with complex event processing, Next-Best-Action strategies, and text analytics. 

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Build strategies that can identify the optimal action to take with a customer at a given moment under any circumstances. Satisfy expectations of your customers while also meeting your business objectives.

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Revision management

Modify decisioning rules in your application through revisions and change requests. Test your changes in the Decision Manager portal and release them outside of the enterprise release cycles.

Revision management of decisioning rules in Pega Platform

Complex event processing

Empower your enterprise to detect meaningful patterns in the real-time flow of events and to react to them in a timely manner. By detecting event patterns through Event Strategy rules, you can identify the most critical opportunities and risks to help you determine the Next Best Action for your customers.

Tutorial: Using event strategy in Pega Platform real-time event processing


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