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Customer Process Manager - Interactions

Instructor Bob Lloyd describes how companies use Customer Process Manager and its interaction architecture to optimize customer experience.

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Presentation (03:19)

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Demos (07:12) and Resources

Examine CPM in-product functionality.

 Unit Name Time
 Introduction to CPM  00:44
 CPM CSR Portal Overview  00:44
 CPM Live Interactions  01:16
 CPM Non-Live Interactions  00:35
File Name Type
 CPM Portal Navigation Demo ZIP
 CPM Live Interactions Demo ZIP
 CPM Non-Live Interactions Demo ZIP
 CPM Terminology PDF

About the Presenter

As an instructor with Pega's Global Training Department, Bob has delivered Pega product training for 10 years. Bob's commitment to the student's individual learning experience is evident in the classroom, and his "joie de la vie" attitude is evident everywhere.

Bob's personal mantra: "It's always a good day when you wake up on the right side of the grass."