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Declarative Pages

APAC Education Manager Steve Youles describes declarative pages, the new rules that let you create and share in-memory data across sessions, applications and users. (Version 5.4)

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Presentation (13:08)

View the presentation by stepping through each unit independently.


Hands-on Exercises

Complete the hands-on exercises to reinforce concepts learned during the presentation.

 Unit Name Time
 Introduction to Declarative Pages  03:49
 Declare Pages Rule Instances  02:00
 Declare Pages Rule Form Definition Tab  04:20
 Declare Pages Rule Form Advanced Tab  01:34
 Declare Pages Debugging and Performance  01:25
File Name Type
 Exercise Setup  PDF
 Exercise Product File  ZIP
 Exercise: Node Scope  PDF
 Exercise: Thread Scope  PDF
 Exercise: Tracer and PAL  PDF

About the Presenter

Prior to his 10 years with Pega, Steve worked for a decade in various roles in the UK retail banking sector, primarily in a call center environment. "Technology has come a long way, and the fundamental need for SmartBPM solutions has never been greater."

A poacher turned gamekeeper, Steve has a background in Biology and a Post Graduate teaching degree.