Designer Studio

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Designer Studio is an innovative, high-productivity portal for application designers that provides quick access to dozens of tools and wizards.

A menu organizes 50+ landing pages and gadgets, many of which provide holistic reporting and management at the application level, as opposed to the more granular ruleset or ruleset version level.

Other features include a What's Happening display, where designers can monitor each other's work and progress in near-real-time (even when physically distributed), and a Profile Explorer, which allows access to business-related assets in your application.


December 20, 2015 - 12:54am

can someone let me know on how to download pega 7 designer studio

January 29, 2016 - 9:34pm

If you know a Pega Sales Rep, you can ask them if you can download the full Pega 7.1.9 (current, as of 1/29/2016) personal edition (or rather, if they'll approve your request for one). This is a full, blank slate PRPC (standard, blob backend) instance, so the Designer Studio is integrated and fully functional, as are the DCO Architect tools (which are incredibly helpful and can ensure a projects success if utilized to their full capacity, especially with any agile development environment, which it seems all are now claiming "agile", though most don't even know how to establish the appropriately sized teams for each sprint from their resource pool and each individual's specific skillset. So remaining agile is, well, not possible imho). If you plan to use the personal edition for practice and to build, I highly suggest a USB 3.0 external SSD drive to store the application and all data. 500GB should be good for practice builds.

If you can't spend the money on a 500GB SSD drive (or close to 500GB, minimum), get a high RPM external, such as a 10K that is USB 3.0 enabled. This just increases responsiveness in the front and backend, and prevents Pega from eating up your entire hard drive (if you go wild with the system and design working UI's). You can get a 500GB SSD for under $200 -

Then buy an enclosure (cheapest way to go) You could get the whole setup for about $200 total (SSD and USB 3.0 enabled enclosure)

If you have more than one personal version (like VRMs or 6.3 for instance), I suggest partitioning the HD rather than putting them all in the same space. I've had issues with adapters for the VRMs and Tomcat and other web service errors due to having 2 full personal versions (6.3 and 7.1) and 3 VRM tools (the practice tools used in the online classes). Getting an external drive, formatting and partitioning it solved that issue. As for the adapters not getting along, I simply disable them in Network and Sharing Center when not in use. But I also had multiple VPN's (Personal and Client's), so I had issues with adapters not liking each other and preventing me from connecting to anything, WiFi or hardwired. Disabling the offending adapters usually fixed the issue.

If you need help formatting and partitioning an external drive, this should help -

To get the full Pega Personal Edition, I would first contact Pega Sales/Support and see if you can get someone who will authorize your download -

Then, go here to request the download -

You can only download it if you work for a partner or are a direct customer. I worked for a partner for 4 years, now a partner and customer. The local sales guy knows me by name and even what projects I was working on, so fortunately our local sales guy here in Austin is very very very good (you rock Denny!). But having your own sandbox is you can develop complete functional UI's in and really just go nuts with and use everything you can without worrying about breaking anything - this for me has been incredibly helpful.

Hope that helps!

June 3, 2016 - 7:08am

Dear ,

I am certified CSSA professional and have a plan to work as a free lance PEGA programmer in the market.Please guide me how to start my business.


November 18, 2016 - 10:04am

getting the below error while trying to login  in pega 7.1.6:


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June 26, 2017 - 10:22am

Can someone tell me how to download the PEGA Design module?


January 24, 2018 - 6:48pm

Hi, I am taking the first course of pega 'System Architech essentials' and I was wondering:

How can I do to interact with 'Designer Studio' to get practice for the unit 'Requirements management'?

can I get a student version or something like that?