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The Moving to Pega 7 course is designed to help Certified System Architects (CSA) further their knowledge on the fundamentals of Pega 7 platform upgrades and their ability to upgrade existing PRPC 5.x and 6.x applications to the Pega 7 platform in the most efficient manner. This course explains how you can plan our upgrade journey to move to Pega 7, learn the various approaches you can use to upgrade and the best practices for upgrading. This course also provides the general guidelines for upgrading Pega’s  strategic applications. You will learn how to keep your application current on the Pega 7 platform with the help of Pega 7 updates.

Course benefits

By the end of this course, you will be able to successfully:

  • Understand the different upgrade pre-requisites and upgrade approaches ƒ
  • Plan Pega 7 platform upgrades along with Pega Strategic Applications upgrades
  • Convert existing application user interfaces to responsive user interfaces with the help of out-of-the-box (OOTB) auto upgrade utilities ƒ
  • Understand the concept of High Availability and Pega 7 updates

Target audience

Certified System Architects (CSAs), Certified Senior System Architects (CSSAs) and Certified Lead System Architects (CLSAs) who are looking to further their knowledge of the Pega 7 platform upgrades and their ability to upgrade existing PRPC 5.x and 6.x applications to Pega 7 platform.


Certified System Architect (CSA)

Course topics

  • Upgrade pre-requisites
  • Upgrade Approaches
  • Pega Platform Upgrade
  • Strategic Applications (Frameworks) Upgrade
  • Post Upgrade Steps ƒƒ Responsive UI Conversion
  • High Availability/ Pega 7 updates


VERSION: Pega 7.1

COURSE LENGTH: Equivalent to 2 classroom days