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Partner Technical Enablement FAQs

Find the most frequently asked questions about Pega Certification, courses, and assistance.

How can I get an overview of partner enablement?

The best place to start your enablement journey is by working with your own Pega practice team within your organization. You can also refer to this New Partner Enablement Overview to understand the learning paths, resources and tools that are available to you as a member of the Pega Partner

What is the process to request Pega software?

Pega partners can request commercially available versions of the Pega Platform or Strategic Applications by sending an email request to Refer to your Master Alliance Agreement for the Terms of Use.

What is the process to request the Pega Personal Edition software?

Go to to request the personal edition. Partners must have a valid PDN membership, associated with a working company email address in order to request Personal Edition.

How do I update my PDN profile?

A user's PDN profile can be updated by going to their user account from the menu bar and then selecting the "User Account" tab.

Where can I find technical content for industry-specific strategic applications?

For technical and implementation information on specific industry strategic applications, go to the PDN menu and look under Knowledgebase>Products to view by industry or category. An increasing number of Pega Academy Self-Study courses are being created to provide information on industry frameworks as well. These courses can be found under at Pega Academy.

How do I get technical support?

When working on delivery projects for customers, Partners can log Service Requests with Pega Global Customer Support (GCS). GCS can provide support for the following types of issues:

  • Troubleshooting and problem resolution
  • Analysis and assistance in identifying the source of the problem
  • Standard technical support issues such as:
  • Application programming interface problems
  • Diagnosing/reproducing reported problems
  • Basic troubleshooting and assisting in third party related problems to isolate interoperability issues

Your first step should always be to visit the Product Support Community to see if a solution to your issue has already been posted and create a new post if you do not find your answer

To learn more about how to work with GCS, refer to the Customer Support Handbook.

How do I access Instructor-Led and Self-Study Training?

Pega Academy is the portal to all Pega training- whether it is delivered in the classroom, at a partner's site, virtually or via self-study. All Pega partners have access to this training. Partners can purchase training credits at discounted rates which are based upon their partnership level. Individual associates should work with the Pega COE or practice leaders within their organization to understand what internal resources their company have available and how to best manage their Pega training activities.

Where can I find course descriptions and training information?

The Pega Academy Course Catalog provides an overview of available courses for self-study and instructor-led including course data sheets, registration information and training schedules as well as up to date certification paths and FAQ's.

Is there free training from Pega Academy?

All self-study courses are available to partners at no charge. Feel free to browse the Course Library. We recommend that students limit their registrations to courses that they plan to complete.

Where can I find role-based learning paths so I can plan my training?

The Pega Academy Course Library lists course by certification path with links to enroll in each course.

How do I buy Training Credits for Pega Academy?

Partners can purchase Pega Academy Training Credits by going to the Pega Academy >Purchase Training Credits.

Partners may use credit cards or purchase orders to buy Training Credits. For questions about the process of buying credits, contact

What are the Partner discounts for Pega Academy training?

Pega Academy Self-Study courses are free to all partners but Training Credits can be purchased to pay for private and public Instructor-Led trainings. Discounts on the purchase of Training Credits are based on the partner's level in Global Strategic Alliance Program. The table below displays the standard discounts by partner level. Individual Alliance Agreements may designate discounts that are specific to a particular partner. Work with your Alliance Enablement Executive if you have questions about your discount level.

Partner Level

Strategic Consulting Partner 75%
System Integrator Partner 65%
Registered Business Partner 45%

* Training Credits are not required for partners to enroll in Self-Study training.

Why should I earn a Pega Professional certification?

Certification demonstrates to your customers, partners, and colleagues that you have acquired the knowledge and skills required to be an effective contributor to the design and development of Pega applications. Customers look for Pega certifications when evaluating system integrators to engage on their projects. Pega certified skills are in high demand and that demand continues to grow. Only through Pega Profession certification can you prove that you have the expertise necessary to build and maintain successful Pega solutions.

What is the certification process?

Pega certification exams are administered at Pearson VUE testing centers. For more information on certification preparation, signing up for certification exams, or to find a testing center near you, go to the Pegasystems Professional Certification page on Pearson Vue's website.

What does a certification test cost?

Pearson VUE administered certification tests range in price from $175 - $350 dollars depending on the level of the certification the user seeks. Partners can opt to pay Pearson VUE directly at the time they register for a test or they can purchase certification vouchers from Pega which can be distributed to their employees.

How can partners get discounts on certification tests?

Pearson Vue certifications are not subject to standard Partner discounts. Partners can reduce the cost of certification by purchase certification vouchers in bulk quantities. Bulk pricing information as well as other certification information can be found on the Our Certifications page. Individuals should contact their Pega practice leadership to find out if certification vouchers are available to them.

What are the steps to get certified as a Lead System Architect?

The Certified Lead System Architect (CLSA) is the highest level of certification available to a Pega professional. Lead System Architects are responsible for the design and success of the Pega solution. They act as leaders of the technical team and mentors to other members of the staff. The certification process therefore tests both an individual's academic and applied competency. The certification process is broken into two parts:

CLSA Part One Exam is a standard Pearson Vue computer based multiple choice exam
CLSA Part Two Exam consists of an application which must be built by the individual, working alone and which is then reviewed by Pega CLSA's and graded on three criteria: Implementation, Best Practices and Design. A score of 70 out of 100 is required to pass.

For more information on the CLSA certification process contact the Pega Immersion Leadership Team.

How do Partners become Pega 7 Ready?

Being Pega 7 Ready shows that you completed the necessary steps to achieve a foundational understanding of Pega 7, which can deliver immediate positive results to a Pega 7 project. When a project manager sees the Pega 7 Ready icon on your transcript results, they can be confident of your readiness for their Pega 7 project.

Learn how to become Pega 7 Ready.

How do Partners become Customer Service Ready?

Customer Service Ready Individuals understand the out of the box capabilities of Pega Customer Service 7.2 and are equipped to participate in the implementation and customization of the application.

Individuals can learn how to become Customer Service Ready.

How do I make sure my Pega Transcript contains all my classes and certifications?

In order for your Pega Transcript to accurately reflect all of your Pega certifications and completed trainings, you must make sure that all the email addresses that you have used for certification or training are listed on your PDN Profile. Check your Profile and confirm that is contains your current professional email as well as any alternative or past emails that you may have used for Pearson Vue certification or Pega Academy training. Go to Transcript Troubleshooting Tips for detailed instructions.