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As Pega Agilists, we are committed to enabling the transformative power of Agility.
Pega’s Agile methodologies promote the delivery of reliable, high-quality products that enable customers to drive business value and outcomes. The Pega Agile COE looks to achieve its mission by focusing on Agile Best Practices, Thought Leadership, Agile Training and Resource tools, shared experiences, and a diverse and growing ecosystem of users and evangelists.

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Agile COE Blog

The Pega community blog is a central location for all things Pega, training, technology, and support. Learn from our Agile thought leaders and dig a little deeper on our blog.


Latest articles:

Making Agile Management Meaningful

The Agile implementation should not be just conducting ceremonies, but a mind-set which gives quantifiable results. Read more >


Bridging The Gap Between Agile Development & UX Design

Why is there still such a divide between people who develop and people who design? Read more >


Boosting Product Owner Engagement with your Scrum Team

How involved is your Product Owner when it comes to your Scrum team? Read more > 




Innovation at Pega

We cannot solve the world's problems with the same thinking that was used to create them - at Pega, we innovate so our customers can too.

Coming soon to the Pega Agile COE:

  • Pega's Global Hackathon

  • PI (Pega Innovation) Program

  • The Change Agent Program

  • Student Project Playground



Pega Agile Studio

This agile project management system enables your application development teams and your stakeholders to collaborate on features, plan your releases, and execute your development tasks by using the industry best practice Scrum methodology.




Supplemental Resources

We've included additional resources below to help round out all of your Scrum needs.

Check back often for updates and added content!


  • Scrum@Pega
    • The original Scrum@Pega book, authored by the Senior Vice President of Engineering Mike Pyle and with a foreward by Alan Trefler, CEO, outlining the motivation for using Scrum at Pegasystems, and the specifics of how Scrum was implemented in 2010. Note that much of Pegasystem’s Agile implementation has evolved since 2010, so portions of the text are dated. However, the introduction and motivation for why Pega uses Scrum are still very much applicable.

  • Hitting the Wall: What to Do When High Performing Scrum Teams Overwhelm Operations and Infrastructure (via Rob Frohman's website)

    • A white paper outlining the approach taken in 2009 by Pegasystems and Jeff Sutherland of Scrum Inc to transform Pegasystems to an industry-leading Agile organization.


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