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Pega File Manager

As of January 31, 2017, the File Transfer Appliance is retired and replaced by the Pega File Manager.

Use the Pega File Manager to send and receive large files with strong security to Pegasystems Global Customer Support (GCS). This utility is provided to you and other Pegasystems customers and business partners to assist GCS in analyzing and troubleshooting issues reported in Support Requests. The Pega File Manager runs on the Cerberus FTP software.

As an authorized client of Pegasystems Inc., you will receive the FTP site URL from the GCS customer support engineer handling your Support Requests.
You do not need to register for a Pega File Manager account.

Please read our guide to get started: Using Pega File Manager.

If you are a Pegasystems employee, refer to the document on the Pega Portal. Go to IT Frequently Asked Questions > File Storage and Sharing > Pega File Manager.

The Pega File Manager is intended for use by authorized Pegasystems clients only and may be used only within the rights granted to authorized clients by Pegasystems Inc. The materials posted on the Pega File Manager FTP site constitute confidential and proprietary information of Pegasystems Inc. Any attempt to gain unauthorized access to, deny access to, hack into, or deface the FTP site will result in criminal prosecution under local, state, federal and international law. Pegasystems Inc. reserves the right to monitor access to and from the Pega File Manage FTP site in accordance with the company's policies.