Pega Labs

Pega‘s leading private cloud solution offering the latest Pega Platform releases (including pre-release versions). Each lab system comes preconfigured for optimal performance and provides a rich selection of self-service features, empowering lab owners to easily manage their environments.

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About Pega Labs

Pega Labs provides hands-on access to Pega Platform instances; optimized and configured based on the Pega Platform Standard Deployment Model. We provide systems for Pega employees, partners, and customers. Our systems are used for application development, proof of concepts, new feature exposure, and demos. 


  • Fully functional out-of-the box instances of the Pega Platform. 
  • Stable and optimized instances ensure a high quality user experience. 
  • Access to the latest released and pre-released versions of the Pega Platform. 
  • Automated system operations available through the Self-Service Portal:
    • Update
      • Update your application to the latest released and pre-released versions of the Pega Platform.
    • Refresh
      • Start from scratch with a fresh install of the latest released and pre-released versions of the Pega Platform.
    • Backup/ Restore
      • Take a backup of your database to recover on-demand.
    • Clear Cache
      • Clear the platform cache and restart your app server.
    • Restart App Server
      • Restart your application server.
    • Deploy Applications
      • Install or update PegaCRM, PegaMarketing or PegaFFS. (Select Versions only)

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