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Create a Pega® mobile solution that is much more than an enterprise app accessed through a Web browser. Pega Mobility can support the way mobile users work, helping them be just as efficient in the field as they are in the office. Pega Platform lets you bring applications to your mobile users and customers in several ways, depending on your needs, objectives, and experience.

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Explore the following areas to create applications that look great on mobile devices out-of-the-box.

  • Learn to use the responsive and adaptive user interface to see what your app looks like on different devices during the development process.
  • Apply sophisticated functionalities, such as offline access, push notifications, and geolocation, with no additional effort or special skills.
  • Expand your existing native mobile apps with the ability to interface with Pega.

A responsive, model-driven web app that you generate in Pega Platform can run in any mobile browser, on any mobile device. Your customers or users only need to access the application from the mobile device.

Mobile web apps offer some advantages but less functionality compared to custom mobile apps. For example, they do not have access to most of the device specific capabilities.

Responsive UI

You can use the Pega® Mobile Client service to quickly build custom mobile apps by using Pega Platform. Developing custom mobile apps gives you a native user experience with model-driven web apps on Android or iOS devices.

You can create applications that are packaged into a native container that runs on your mobile device, providing a customized interface on top of the mobile platform's functionality. You use Designer Studio to build custom mobile apps for the Android or iOS device platforms. Apps can work in an offline mode and automatically use device capabilities, such as camera, push notifications or GPS module. You can also extend your custom mobile app with various JavaScript APIs.

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You can use the Pega Mobile SDK product to develop mobile apps that interface with Pega Platform. By using the Pega Mobile SDK, you can create an app that contains at least one web view screen that embeds a page from a Pega Platform application, accesses Pega Platform on the backend, or both.