Become Robotic Automation Ready

Successful implementations that include a fully integrated automation solution start with team members who know Robotic Automation Studio, and how to deploy automations via RDA and RPA.

Why become Robotic Automation Ready?

When you are Robotic Automation Ready, others know that you have achieved a foundational understanding of how to build and deploy automation solutions in Pega applications. This means that you can deliver immediate positive results to Pega implementation projects. When project managers, customers or other key stakeholders see the Robotic Automation Ready badge in your transcript, they can be confident that you are ready for their Pega implementation project.


Get Started

To become Robotic Automation Ready, enroll and complete:

Already Badged

You are already Robotic Automation Ready if you earned the following:

OR if you have completed:

  • Pega Robotic Automation Architect Essentials (8.0)


  • Pega Robotic Automation Architect Essentials Assessment Exam


  • OpenSpan Core Training


  • OpenSpan Core Training Assessment Exams


Note: The OpenSpan Core Training and associated assessment were retired on December 16, 2016. 


If you have any questions about Robotic Automation readiness please contact