We are pleased to announce the availability of three new courses in Pega Academy. Pega 7 Fundamentals, Pega 7 DCO Essentials, and CPM Essentials are all self-study courses focused on different aspects of our Build for Change platform, Pega 7. To enroll in any of these new self-study courses or other Pega Academy training, please go to the Pega Academy website. Learn more about them below. 


Pega 7 Fundamentals

This one day self-study course provides students with an overview of the Pega 7 platform. It introduces Pega BPM and DCO. With hands-on exercises made available via our hosted PRPC multitenant environment, it gives students an opportunity to use the Pega Designer Studio to create an application foundation, add steps to manage a business case, define data types and create user interfaces. It’s ideal for anyone wishing to get a good overview of Pega 7 with an opportunity to test drive our product in a short timeframe.

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Pega 7 DCO Essentials

This highly anticipated two day self-study course covers the key activities and best practices for requirements management that help drive successful projects using Pega’s Direct Capture of Objectives (DCO) capabilities. As we know, Pega 7 has significantly changed the DCO tools. This completely redesigned course helps students learn how to make the most effective use of DCO activities and best practices with Pega 7.

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CPM Essentials

This first in a series of CPM courses educates students on the key differentiators between CPM and traditional CRM applications. Students learn about interactions, service processes, and experience firsthand key features such as dialogs, campaigns, and coaching tips. This hands on course also exposes students to CPM reports and the two interaction channel products of PegaCALL and PegaCHAT. This course serves as the first step for both the business and system architect CPM tracks.

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What's New

Introduction to Case Lifecycle Management in Pega 7
When you think about how a case is processed, you naturally think in stages: work goes through stage X, then stage Y, then stage Z, then it's done. With Pega 7's case lifecycle management, you can capture this vision directly into your application.
About the Pega 7 Designer Studio
The all-new Pega 7 Designer Studio lets you configure applications faster and easier than ever, and it now supports multiple browsers.
Understanding Federated Case Management
If you need to manage cases located in different systems, you don’t want to shuffle between different user interfaces. With Pega 7’s Federated Case Management (FCM), you can see all your cases in once place and resolve them more efficiently.