Remote Configuration Command-line Tool (prpcServiceUtils)

REST-enabled command-line tool used to perform remote operations on systems running Pega 7.2.x or later.

Pega Outlook Tools

Provided IVA for Email inside of Microsoft Outlook.

Hoover's Dun & Bradstreet Direct 2.0 Data

Stream and integrate D&B Data across company departments and processes with the D&B Direct API

Mailjet Connector for Pega Marketing

Out-of-the-Box Integration with a Full-Service ESP, Mailjet.

Facebook Channel

Use Facebook Messenger to interact with a Pega Platform application.

SMS Channel

Send text (SMS) messages from a mobile phone to interact with a Pega Platform application.

Pega GDPR Accelerator

Fast track your compliance with the E.U.'s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) using these sample case type configurations.

Pega Flash SMS

Send essential messages directly to the home screen of a mobile device as a popup.

Deployment Manager

Rapidly model and run CI/CD pipelines for applications that are built on Pega Platform.

Agile Workbench Integration with JIRA

Use real-time Agile for your application development projects by integrating Agile Workbench with JIRA.

Pega Mobile Client

The Pega Mobile Client is a service, which enables quick building of mobile apps from the Pega 7 Platform application.

Tropo Channel

Use Tropo to interact with a Pega Customer Service application.

Lambda Functions for Pega API Integration

Jump-start your external integrations with these boilerplate AWS Lambda functions.

Sendgrid Connector for Pega Marketing

Integrate with SendGrid, The Largest Cloud-Based Email Delivery Platform.

Mailgun Connector for Pega Marketing

Simple Integration with Mailgun, “The Email Service For Developers”

Amazon Alexa Channel

Use voice commands with Alexa to interact with a Pega Platform application.

Pega for Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Expand your options for running Pega technology on Pivotal Cloud Foundry.


Integrate Pega logs with alarm monitoring tools that support SNMP protocol.

Pega Robot Manager

Monitor the overall state of your robotic process automation (RPA) solution within your Pega Platform application.

Pega UX Design System UI Kit files

Use the best-in-class Pega UX Design System for excellent, scalable, enterprise-ready UX.

Synthesio Integration

Leverage Synthesio’s Social Listening platform to bring social conversations into Pega for CSR engagement and response.

Deployment Manager (for 7.1 and 7.2 systems)

Solution for process-driven and audited development practices. Reduces release times and increases code quality.

Thomson Reuters World-Check One

Pre-configured, bi-directional data communication assets for Thomson Reuters World-Check One screening.

NPI Service Connector

National Provider Identifier lets you search for Health Care Providers within your Pega application.

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