API, Public API reference, Core functionality APIs, Pega 7 integration API reference
account manager methods
addAccount, Purpose
changePassword, Purpose
closeAccount, Purpose
getAccountList, Purpose
getPrivateAccountData, Purpose
openAccount, Purpose
removeAccount, Purpose
removeField, Purpose
setField, Purpose
account manager objects
account manager, Purpose
accountManagerListener, Purpose
addAccount callback methods
onFailure, Purpose
onSuccess, Purpose
API reference
Core functionality API objects, Functional API objects and methods
core objects, Core functionality APIs
Encryption API objects, RSA Encryption API
functionalities, Special functionality groups
Management objects, Management APIs
Multi-application objects, Multi-application mode APIs
Pega 7 integration objects, Pega 7 integration objects
application manager methods
installApplications, Purpose
isCacheManifestUpdateAvailable, Purpose
reinstallApplication, Purpose
removeApplications, Purpose
startApplication, Purpose
stopApplication, Purpose
updateApplication, Purpose
application manager objects
addApplicationManagerListener, Purpose
ApplicationManager, Purpose
removeApplicationManagerListener, Purpose
applicationManagerCallback methods
onApplicationChanged, Purpose
onApplicationNavigationFailed, Purpose
onListChanged, Purpose
ArrayBuffer methods
slice, Purpose
Back Action
example, Back Action example
example, BarcodeScanner example
BarcodeScanner methods
scan, Purpose
Blob methods
close, Purpose
slice, Purpose
Browser listeners
onClosed, Purpose
onLoadFailure, Purpose
onLoadFinished, Purpose
onLoadStarted, Purpose
Browser methods
addListener, Purpose
close, Purpose
removeListener, Purpose
start, Purpose
window.close, Purpose, Purpose
CacheManifestUpdate callback methods
onFailure, Purpose
onSuccess, Purpose
ClientStore methods
addAction, Purpose
addListener, Purpose
clearItems, Purpose
configure, Purpose
deleteItem, Purpose
getItems, Purpose
getItemTypes, Purpose, Purpose
getOfflineStorageCount, Purpose
getQueuedActionsCount, Purpose
listActions, Purpose
removeAction, Purpose
removeListener, Purpose
removeRejectedAction, Purpose
start, Purpose
stops, Purpose
writeItem, Purpose
example, Contacts example
Contacts methods
find, Purpose
remove, Purpose
save, Purpose
example, Container API example
container methods
shutdown, Purpose
container objects
Application, Purpose
Browser, Purpose
Container, Purpose
HardwareButtons, Purpose
InterAppCommunicator, Purpose
NativeAppSwitcher, Purpose
networkStatus, Purpose
PushNotifications, Purpose
RSA Encryption example, RSA Encryption example
ScreenOrientation, Purpose
SplashScreen, Purpose
TouchID, Purpose
Core functionality API objects, Functional API objects and methods
DirectoryEntry methods
createReader, Purpose
getDirectory, Purpose
getFile, Purpose
removeRecursively, Purpose
DirectoryReader methods
readEntries, Purpose
example, DocumentViewer example
DocumentViewer methods
cancel, Purpose
canOpen, Purpose
open, Purpose
Encrypted SQL
example, Encrypted SQL example
encryption methods
decrypt, Purpose
decryptBinary, Purpose
Entry methods
copyTo, Purpose
getMetadata, Purpose
getParent, Purpose
moveTo, Purpose
remove, Purpose
toURL, Purpose
File Chooser
example, File Chooser example
File Transfer
example, File Transfer example
FileChooser methods
cancelUploadFile, Purpose
getFile, Purpose
uploadFile, Purpose
FileEntry methods
createWriter, Purpose
file, Purpose
result, Result attribute
FileReader methods
abort, Purpose
readAsArrayBuffer, Purpose
readAsDataURL, Purpose
readAsText, Purpose
example, Filesystem example
FileTransfer methods
cancel, Purpose
download, Purpose
upload, Purpose
FileWriter methods
abort, Purpose
seek, Purpose
truncate, Purpose
write, Purpose
getAccountList callback methods
onFailure, Purpose
onSuccess, Purpose
getPrivateAccountData callback methods
onFailure, Purpose
onSuccess, Purpose
example, Globalization API example
Globalization methods
getLocaleName, Purpose
HardwareButtons listeners
fireDefaultBackButtonAction, Purpose
HardwareButtons methods
addListener, Purpose
removeListener, Purpose
InterAppCommunicator listeners
onEvent, Purpose
InterAppCommunicator methods
addListener, Purpose
removeListener, Purpose
sendEvent, Purpose
local authentication objects
authenticate, Purpose
local notifications
cancel, Purpose
local notifications objects
schedule, Purpose
example, LocalAuthentication example
constants, Standard constants
LocalFileSystem methods
requestFileSystem, Purpose
resolveFileSystemURL, Purpose
example, LocalNotifications example
example, Logger example
Logger methods
clearLog, Purpose
readLogTail, Purpose
Management objects, Management APIs
example, Media example
Media methods
addListener, Purpose, Purpose
getAudio, Purpose
getPicture, Purpose
pause, Purpose
play, Purpose
record, Purpose
stop, Purpose
Multi-application objects, Multi-application mode APIs
NativeAppSwitcher methods
show, Purpose, Purpose
example, networkStatus example
networkStatus methods
addListener, Purpose
removeListener, Purpose
object container methods
addLifecycleListener, Purpose
getPlatformSpecificDeviceId, Purpose
removeLifecycleListener, Purpose
ArrayBuffer, Purpose
BarcodeScanner, Purpose
Blob, Purpose
Camera, Purpose
ClientStore, Purpose
Contacts, Purpose
DirectoryEntry, Purpose
DirectoryReader, Purpose
DocumentViewer, Purpose
Entry, Purpose
File, Purpose
FileChooser, Purpose
FileEntry, Purpose
FileReader, Purpose, Event handler attributes, FileReader states
FileSystem, Purpose
FileTransfer, Purpose
FileTransferTask, Purpose
FileWriter, Purpose
Globalization, Purpose
LocalAuthentication, Purpose
LocalFileSystem, Purpose, Non-standard constants
LocalNotifications, Purpose
Logger, Purpose, Constants
Metadata, Purpose
PRPC Authentication, Purpose
SQLStorage.Database, Purpose
SQLStorage.SQLError, Purpose
SQLStorage.SQLResultSet, Purpose
SQLStorage.SQLResultSetRowList, Purpose
SQLStorage.SQLTransaction, Purpose
TypedArray, Purpose
window, Standard constants
Pega 7 integration objects, Pega 7 integration objects
PRPC Authentication methods
authenticate, Purpose
Public API, Core functionality APIs, Special functionality groups
example, PushNotifications example
PushNotifications methods
addListener, Purpose
register, Purpose
removeListener, Purpose
RSA Encryption API signature, RSA Encryption API
RSA encryption methods
encrypt, Purpose
encryptBinary, Purpose
generateKeys, Purpose
scan callback methods
onCancel, Purpose
onFailure, Purpose
onSuccess, Purpose
Screen Orientation
example, Screen Orientation example
ScreenOrientation methods
setAllowed, Purpose
setField callback methods
onFailure, Purpose
onSuccess, Purpose
SplashScreen methods
hide, Purpose
show, Purpose
SQLStorage methods
changeVersion, Purpose
DatabaseCallback, Purpose
executeSql, Purpose
forEach, Purpose
handleEvent, Purpose
handleEvent(database), Purpose
handleEvent(error), Purpose
handleEvent(transaction), Purpose
handleEvent(transaction, error), Purpose
handleEvent(transaction, resultSet), Purpose
item, Purpose
openDatabase, Purpose
openSharedDatabase, Purpose
readTransaction, Purpose
SQLStatementCallback, Purpose
SQLStatementErrorCallback, Purpose
SQLTransactionCallback, Purpose
SQLTransactionErrorCallback, Purpose
SQLVoidCallback, Purpose
transaction, Purpose
example, TouchId example
TouchID methods
checkAvailability, Purpose
deleteCredentials, Purpose
getCredentials, Purpose
saveCredentials, Purpose
Web Browser
example, Web Browser example


Communication between web applications
overview, Overview
contacts API
example, Example


Encryption APIs, Overview


File API
code examples, Example
File chooser API, Overview
file chooser API
example, Example
File transfer API, Overview
file transfer API
example, Example
Filesystem API, Overview


overview, Overview


screen orientation API
JavaScript API, JavaScript API
supported parameters, Supported screen orientation combinations
SQL storage API, Overview
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